Wednesday, March 1, 2017

You might be a crazy runner if ....

Hello, loyal English impact blog readers. I know I've been testing your loyalty. It seems like forever (ずっと前) since I wrote my last blog.

However, I have a pretty good excuse. I've been running. A lot. Like every day. It's all towards my New Year's resolution of running a sub-4:00 full marathon.

Several weeks ago, I found a free running plan that promises to help me reach my goal at the Kurobe Meisui Marathon in Toyama Prefecture on Sunday, June 4. I've been doing my best to follow it to the detriment of my blog writing.

So it seems pretty crazy to be running on average 10 km a day, right? (If you have trouble converting miles to kilometers or vice versa, just ask Siri.) Part of me knows that. For example, nowadays I'm putting more deodorant on my nipples (オッパイ) than under my arms in order to prevent jogger's nipple, a very painful condition caused by too much chafing.

And that joke about women and too many shoes ... not so funny now that I have so many pairs of running shoes. It's hard to throw away (捨てる) even the "old" ones because while their soles are too worn out to run on any longer, the shoes are still bright and shiny and cool to wear.

Speaking of clothes, I don't think twice about wearing tights for running. Or wearing to the supermarket. Or teaching English in. Actually, I've avoided that last one so far. As long as I remember to put on some jeans over them, it's all good. But the tights are really comfortable. As are the 5-toed socks that sometimes get strange looks by my English impact students. But the odds are that I'm probably going to go running after the lesson.

It's all part of my crazy training to set a sub-4:00 personal record. Wish me luck - because if I don't get it this June, I'll probably start running twice a day. That's really crazy!

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